Welcome to my Archmunky.net website!

This blog contains technological tips for software and devices that don’t fit neatly into the Linux or Windows categories. This includes topics like web issues and other topics, use of online cloud backup sites, cybersecurity as a whole, etc.

Why Archmunky?

Why do I use the name Archmunky? When I was very young, I had a stuffed monkey that I called “Funky Monkey” and when I was older I started to use the nickname “Munky” for trivia at BW3 and online websites. However, Munky was already taken at the first few websites and I changed it to “Archmunky” — it was a tongue-in-cheek reaction saying that I was the OG-Munky and since I was using ArchLinux at the time it really fit.

I also had a website/blog named LinuxMunky.net in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I used it to talk about my experiences with Linux operating systems. Basically, I just stuck Linux in front of Munky to register the hostname.

I recently reorganized my web presence and decided to break out my blog entries into dedicated blogs for Linux and Windows. I was pleasantly surprised to see that windowsmunky.net was available both as a domain name and windowsmunky.wordpress.com blog. And so WindowsMunky was born.