Adblock: Taboola

Taboola ads are among the worst online; they format the ads to look like additional content on the websites making it easy to trick the users to click an ad when they think they are viewing another story.  I can’t stand deceptive practices like this so I block them completely using the following rules:


Web z-index fixes

I’ve noticed an annoying trend where web developers are using z-index to place their header above every other element on the page.  When the window is made smaller this header often covers other more-important elements (like media players).

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Converting Virtualbox VM to VMWare

I am running the latest version of Virtualbox on my Windows 8.1 desktop and I’ve noticed my network has been unavailable after the machine resumed from sleep mode.  I found several people that claim the problem is with Virtualbox so I decided to switch to VMWare Player and see if that solved the problem.  The VM I chose to use for the testing is an ArchLinux install.  My Virtualbox VMs are located in the folder V:Virtualbox and my VMWare VMs are located in the folder V:VMWare.

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